SIGNORRINO is a studio and a personal brand created by MASA KUZUKI in 2016. SIGNORRINO derives from an Italian word “SIGNORINO”, meaning “young man”. In ancient Chinese is written as “公子(Gong Zi)”. In the ancient times, “公子(Gong Zi)” is a name for a young man of the noble family. Therefore SIGNORRINO represents nobility, vigour, culture, responsibility, hope and aesthetics. The future products of MASA will be published under the brand of SIGNORRINO. Meanwhile, MASA established this brand not only to release his own work but also wishes to agent the tarot artworks of worldwide artists and designers.

As an independent brand, SIGNORRINO has a more flexible mode of operation, less restraint for the original author and we can offer more services which the traditional publishing companies cannot. But MASA's greatest wish is to present outstanding works from around the world in the most perfect state, not only regarding materials and craftsmanship. He also hopes to help authors to express their world views and aesthetic concepts to their fullest extent. Out of this reason, for all these years, MASA has seen many great works published by traditional publishers or themselves, due to objective and subjective limitations, these works didn’t blossom as beautiful bouquets. MASA feels sorry, not only it is a pity for the author, but also the material reward isn’t enough. As a result, MASA wishes that through this platform, SIGNORRINO, he will be able to help worldwide artists.

The artists and designers who are interested into collaborate with us can consult the "Publishing Service" link below of this page to know more about the features and advantages of SIGNORRINO.


MASA KUZUKI is a freelance artist, graphic and card designer; he lives in a northern city in China. MASA had shown a special artistic gift when he was a kid. He was not only interested in drawing, but also when he gave gifts to his family and friends, MASA would recycle a few old things to make an exquisite packaging. In the eyes of friends and family, MASA can always bring them excellent ideas and surprises.

MASA came cross with tarot when he was a student. This mystic and impressive item from the west attracts him profoundly. Since then, tarot has become a palette where MASA creates and a platform where he can show his own worldview. A few years ago, under the suggestions of a few friends, he began to create tarot decks officially. It has been a long, laborious process filled with challenges, but could often bring him the joy of self-breakthrough. The first tarot designed by MASA, SILHOUETTES TAROT, was loved by friends from all over the world. This was not only encouragement for MASA but liberated himself, thus allowed him flying in the sky of art without limitation.

As for the style, MASA prefers the European palace's rich, dramatic, petty bourgeoisie, fairy tale, and slightly bizarre artistic style. As a graduate in science studies, MASA also has the interest in natural science such as biology, chemistry, astronomy and meteorology, etc. In the future, you will see more works of MASA with noble, petty bourgeoisie and natural elements.

MASA KUZUKI's official website:   http://www.masakuzuki.com