Rules & Terms


1. We ONLY accept American dollars, and secure payments by PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account. You can also pay by credit cards.

2. Once the order is placed, please finish the purchase within three days. We have the right to cancel the one which is unpaid within three days without prior notice.

3. Before the payment, please check the details of the order, which include the product, amount, the standard and the information of the recipient.

4. If the order needs to be cancelled, please proceed within 24 hours. Please contact us for encountering any problem or difficulty.

5. Please contact us if there are errors of the website or the information of the product.

6. The information on our shop and other sites may contain errors or inaccuracies, or may be incomplete or not timely. We reserve the right to correct any such errors, omissions, or mistakes, and to change or update the information at any time without prior notice (including after your order is submitted). Please note that such errors, inaccuracies or omissions may be related to product descriptions, pricing, availability, policies and terms.

7. Due to the different characteristics of the monitors, the color of the products that you see on the website may be a certain degree of disparity with the physical. Due to the nature of printed matter, there may be differences in the color of the same product produced at different times or different workshops.

8. If you are in urgent need of goods, we suggest that you purchase early.

9. Part products of limited edition are numbered, due to the enormous workload, we are sorry that these numbered products are shipped randomly, and we do not accept orders of specific numbers.

10. Distributors or large amount of purchase, please contact us directly via email.

11. Please check your email frequently, for the convenience of us reaching you.


1. Be sure to fill in your recipient information before payment. Especially your phone number, this is information required by the post company for the efficiency and the accuracy of the shipping process and to contact in time with you in exceptional cases.

2. For the convenience of delivery in your country, you can write your address in your own language in the remarks column on the address page.

3. Out of the differences of legislation of each country, please check the international shipping and clearance policy of your country. If there is anything special to be noticed, please leave remarks in the address page (for example the German customs requires to attach the invoice on the outside of the package). If there is any problem and not has been previously notified, the customer should be wholly responsible.

4. We may split or merge the parcels without notification to the buyer, depending on the country of delivery and the receiving country or other factors. This will not influence customers. Please inform us in the remark column or via email.

5. If you have any content that needs to be changed, please contact us within 24 hours after payment.

6. We will start preparing the shipment within 24 hours after payment. The product will be shipped with 3-7 days after payment. Due to the need for post companies to transfer packages and other operations, it requires a few days after shipping to consult the update status of the package. We will delay the shipping of the problematic or unclear order, after the confirmation with the customer, delivery or another disposal can be resumed.

7. We will use very safe and robust packaging, the product that you receive is usually brand new and intact, except for special occasions. We recommend you to reserve our package for your secondary use for the sake of environmental protection.

8. We will choose the appropriate transportation method to send the parcel according to the weight of the parcel, the recipient's country and the real time situation. The time limit of the package is 20-50 days. If you do not receive the product in more than 50 days, please contact us and we will handle it properly. For package tracking inquiries, please feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you with the latest status of your package.

9. To Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, we use SF Express by default. We may change to another express on special occasions.

10. If the customer demands for a specific commercial express, please contact us before placing the order, we will inform the pricing. However, the customer is entirely responsible for all the consequences of using the required express. 

11. Before buying, it is recommended that you learn more about the tariff policy in your country because it is possible that you will have to pay a certain amount of tariff when you receive the parcel. We usually add a price slightly lower than the cost of the goods when the parcel value is declared, but for some countries, the tax will still be levied on the recipient. And we do not accept the request for too low package value declaration, because, in some countries, such an approach will lead to the package being detained by the customs, causing both the seller and the buyer to lose.

12. Since the customs of all countries may search your parcels by random, the product delivered to you may have been unpacked. We regret if this happens. But this is not our fault, nor is it something we can control. Please understand.


1. We generally do not accept the returns and refunds initiated by non-quality issues. Please contact us via email for particular reasons.

2. If you wish to return the product, not because of the quality issues but you just don’t like the one you received. First of all, the customer is required to be entirely responsible for the costs of postage and shipping incurred by the buyer. Second of all, we request that the product should be brand new and intact. If the returned merchandise is opened or has any damage, we will negotiate with the buyer to charge some of the depreciation expense.

3. If the product has quality problems (including missing parts), please communicate with us, and we will solve it properly.


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1. We take your privacy seriously and will not pass on any of your details to third parties for advertising or any other purpose.

2. We use secure third-party gateways (PayPal) for payments. We don't store any card details on our site.

3. We will only contact you for queries or information about your account and/or your orders and we won't add your name to our email newsletter. 

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