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CUCOLORIS TAROT All 3 Versions + Bonus Mini Deck

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  • $165.00

Get the free bonus mini deck for buying all 3 versions of CUCOLORIS TAROT.

CUCOLORIS TAROT is basically an evolution of the SILHOUETTES TAROT, but the figures and the keynote are newly designed and he renewed some designs of a few characters’ images revealing to a brand new deck with a unified style but less depressing.

This deck is a childlike version of the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot. The simple outlines sketch a world of fairytales, the rich textures will make people love it. As for the interpretation of the cards, this deck not only inherited the traditional meanings but also presents some that were added by the author, all of this is so fascinating. 

It is a magical deck, no matter at what age or what gender you are, you will love it. Meanwhile, the design of silhouettes will give the users more space of imagination, to make this deck their own.


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